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    Our new online store is up and running. Please visit at shop.happytailsservicedogs.com Check out our events page. Read more...

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    Service dogs can assist individuals with physical disabilities by: Picking up dropped items or items told to retrieve Holding items for you Carry items for you, even to another room Opening/Closing household doors Fetching a cane, walker, braces, crutches or other equipment Assistance Read more...

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    We rely on your donations to provide service dog training to individuals in need. Please consider making a donation to our program today. We are a 501 c3 nonprofit organization and your donation is tax deductible.




We are a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization and your donation is tax deductible.
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About Happy Tails

Happy Tails Service Dogs Training is dedicated to the education and training of a person with a disability and a dog to become a working team. This in turn will lead to greater independence in their homes, neighborhoods and communities. Learned tasks are based on individual needs of the owner, thus enhancing their daily activities.

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(623) 580-0946
Joyce Weber


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