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Happy Tails Service Dogs Training is dedicated to the education and training of a person with a physical disability and a dog to become a working team. This in turn will lead to greater independence in their homes, neighborhoods and communities. Learned tasks are based on individual needs of the owner, thus enhancing their daily activities.


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Wendi & Coco

After my stroke in 1997, it was recommended I get a service dog. Getting such a dog takes a long time and there was a very long wait.


About four years after my stroke, my oldest sister found a frightened, hungry and dirty Dalmatian/pointer puppy while she was out running. The puppy was thrilled to be found! Every effort was made to locate the owners, but no one claimed her.

We had an instant connection. I fell in love with her on our first meeting. Even though it was hard for me to talk to her, she felt my loving and caring spirit.

Instead of naming the puppy Dot because of her Dalmatian spots, I decided on an island-oriented name, Coconut, Coco for short. Coco never left my side while enjoying walks, sailing, going to my therapy appointments, and being there for me when I was busy, busy

Yet, I still hoped for a service dog, but at least Coco was there for me.

When I moved from Kansas to Arizona, I learned about Happy Tails Service Dogs, through which, despite my communication problems, I could train Coco myself to be my service dog.

I am happy to say, we just finished the training process. Coco and I are such a team! We had a lot of fun and sometimes frustration as Coco and I traveled to reach this point. Coco went from learning “paws up” (She jumped up on the chair with all four paws!) to helping me do things that are currently difficult to do because of the effects of my stroke.

Coco has worked hard and earned her cape which says she is certified. She is not only my child, she is my special friend. I definitely need the love Coco gives me each day. I see it in her eyes and through her body language.

We are so proud to be Team 018


Wendi and Coco



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