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Happy Tails Service Dogs Training is dedicated to the education and training of a person with a physical disability and a dog to become a working team. This in turn will lead to greater independence in their homes, neighborhoods and communities. Learned tasks are based on individual needs of the owner, thus enhancing their daily activities.


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Jeremy & Buffy

   Buffy and my relationship is definitely one of fate. I was at Tempe Veterinary clinic with my cat Rucus when I met Ed and Bowwow. It had been 6 years since my Great Pyrenees Triston died and up until I met Bowwow, I hadn’t thought about getting another dog. Something stirred in me as I got to know Bowwow and that same day I submitted an application to Foster with intent to adopt. Unfortunately, by the time everything got processed Bowwow had already been adopted. I was pretty discouraged when I got a call about a little 18 month old girl named Kandy, now known as Buffy. She is a petite Golden weighing in at about 52lbs which, was perfect because of my apartments weight restriction for dogs. When Ed brought Kandy over, it was love at first sight. As soon as we got into my apartment, she wouldn’t leave my side. She is the absolute sweetest and most loving dog. My mind was made up that first instant that I was adopting her. I had talked to Debbie about training Buffy as my service dog and she got me in touch with Happy Tails Service Dogs.

   I was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta which, restricts me to a wheel chair. I wanted to train Buffy to help me by picking things up for me and offering me support when I transfer to and from my wheelchair. I also wanted to teach her to bring me the phone from anywhere in the house in case of an emergency.

  I got Buffy and I registered with Happy Tails about a month after her adoption. Buffy is a phenomenal student. She is insanely intelligent. We make a perfect pair. It’s almost as if we can sense each others actions and/or intentions.

She primarily helps me out by performing the aforementioned tasks but, she can also turn on light switches and my touch lamp as well as pick up her own leash and open Tupperware containers. Because of the training that both Buffy and I received at Happy Tails, there is no limit to what she can help me with. I can honestly say that meeting Buffy has changed my life for the better.





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